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Halo GC Battle Report: Battle for blog 45

By : Leon Delgado

During the covenant invasion of the city of Elysium a ground of marines is defending the power plant in sector 45. Aware that if the covenant capture this place could result in the destruction of several blogs of the city and losing power of the defence batteries of the sector.

Ready to sell their life for a high price the UNSC would never let the aliens take their city.

Mission: Meat grinder

Armies: Starter armies found in the box of Halo ground command plus one wraith, one Scorpion tank, Pelican and phantom

The battlefield: Cities streets, several buildings and 2 fores (represent by gardens).

Deployment: The UNSC player deploy his men close to the middle of the board and early in the game 
Turn 1
The covenant advance using the cover of the forest, the phantom appears on the sky and drops a supply cache for the covenant land forces dangerously close to the occupied UNSC building. During this manoeuvre the alien airship is hit by rocket launchers from the central building, losing one damage level.

the unit of ghost advance and open fire on the building killing only two bases

Turn 2
The ghosts open fire again and clean the building of humans, while the phantom doge the fire of the missile launchers and leave the battlefield by the north, during those intense moments humans advance to open fire to the covenant in the forest close to the building and several missiles damage twice the Wraith tank, meanwhile with a roar a unit of Warthogs arrive as reinforcements!

Turn 3

The commander elite with his sword decide to end with the infidels and charge the unit of humans on the open street, dogging the shooting he mange to reduce the unit to a single base. Meanwhile on the north a single hero advance in the buildings, is the Spartan pablo! (yep, that is the name that ONI give him), he reach the base of the power plant, where a Pelican pas over and leave a weapon cache.

Seeing this threath the two hunters charge Pablo, but the Spartan use his laser and kill one on round 3, and the second in the beginning or round 4.

During those tense moments the Wraith (that was the anti air varian) open fire tanking one damage level from the Pelican.

Turn 4

The last human reinforcements arrive! An Scorpio tank enter the battle and destroy the covenant tank that during two rounds dodge the missiles from the humans, turning him into a pile of metal and fire.

The Ghost outflank the warthogs and kill one of the vehicles during this turn.

The unit of Grounts from the far forest cross the street and charge the Spartan Pablo!, during tense moments lasers and plasma shots are interchange, but Pablo manage to kill them all.

Turn 5

The Ghost kill all the humans from the building, but the scorpion tank move to shooting position and kill one of the ghost in retaliation, to be follow by the Pelican that returned to the battlefield and finish the ghost unit in a swift barrage. The covenant commander had enough and call for the phantom, who enter and destroy the Scorpion tank with his firepower.

Turn 6 (final turn)

The battle ended with a fight in the centre, the last Warthog kill the grount unit in the forest, the Spartan and Elite commander interchange blows but none died, at the end of the round the defenders still alive.

Victory Points: Covenant 9, UNCS 12

Victory: UNSC!!

Halo Ground command and the fall of Sparta

By : Leon Delgado

Recently many of us was shock by the news of the UK company Spartan games closing their doors. In my case was terrible as is not just the end of a dream for several person and the jobs lost, but the end of epic Halo wargaming both in space and ground.

Spartan games made two halo ranges: Halo fleet battles and Halo ground command, both set in the events of the fall of the planet reach. Withing those ranges you could cover amazing events and battles transpired in the halo universe and the models and rules were top of the line.

The fall of Spartan games is terrible, but the game is so good that the community is trying to keep it alive ( I recommend to look for the facebook ground halo: ground command) and now we must try to support and expand this game until another company pick it up.

In a future I plan to make a new tap with all the rules and cards of the game for newcomers and also guides for alternative models for the game. I hope this game will continue alive and I recommend to you try it, is a blast of fun. 

ODST alternative models

By : Leon Delgado

Looking for alternative models for Halo Ground command I stumble with the website Clear horizon miniatures. In their store I found the range of 28 mm hell divers, these models are almost perfect alternative for your ODST models in your halo games.

With a good quality and several options I recommend to you to check this range.

You can find them here: 


Modeling: making a custom made Spartan with M247 GPMG Turret

By : Leon Delgado
Many of you will be able to get your Spartans from Ebay and Halo Actionclix (or Heroclix) booster packs, but one of the most important weapons of the game is very difficult to obtain: the M247 GPMG Turret.

In an ideal world you would be able to get some extra miniatures of Jorge (from the halo reach set) and painted to fit into your Spartan squat. Whoever, the halo reach set is one of the most difficult of find (if ever) on Ebay and can be very expensive.

Looking for options I check into the amazing Infinity miniatures range and find the special deterrence group azra'il. This is a model that has a similar weapon to Jorge and an armor that can be similar to an MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor.

So I got one (from Dark sphere, London), and using an extra Spartan model I have I got a new replacing head for my new miniature. With some green stuff I sculpted a nect (and check that the head fit) and then painted it black and then blue (later I will do the same for my red team).

This is how I manage to get a new and impressive Spartan with heavy turret weapon ready to join blue team.

Halo mega blocks in your table-top games?

By : Leon Delgado
This is an interesting Idea, I know that maybe many of you would feel that a toy that is basically a Lego version of halo belongs to young people, but in the recent years I manage to get some of these products and I was impress with the quality of them. So why we cannot use them to play war-games?

Let me explain (and tell my story): a year a go I find one the set of the covenant anti air turret on ebay. I buy it to see the quality and to use it as terrain for halo. I was surprise with the quality of the models, and despite of the limitations the halo mega blocks manage to convey the vehicles and terrains of the halo universe, not mention that the characters are in a similar scale to the halo Heroclix line.

If you want to have access to a vast number of terrain, vehicles and miniatures (or mini-figurines as they call them) the halo Mega blocks is for you. A plus is that if you have a kid and you want to share your passion with him for halo and wargaming this is a good point to start, both can play the game with miniatures that will not break and will resist the abuse. 

Using infinity models in your halo games

By : Leon Delgado
For those who are looking to build your own halo miniatures to play your battles, there is a possible option: Infinity. This game from a Spanish manufacturer has one of the best sci-fi miniatures in the market, and with some minor changes you can convert those miniatures into halo characters.

Size comparison of the models, infinity model in the middle.

I planning to use some of those to represent the insurrectionist (and of course create some stats cards for them), and also to use some models to represent special Spartan characters for the game.

I'm bringing your attention to these models (and being hones, is a fun game), because some of you may find more entertaining to build your own miniatures instead of looking in ebay for models, and here is an interesting  option for your games. 
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Modeling: Building your Army with Anvil miniatures

By : Leon Delgado
Ok, you have downloaded the rulebook and print your Halo Tactics cards, now you need your miniatures to start playing. The ideal situation will be that you get some of the Halo Actionclix (or later Heroclix version) to play with these rules (there is a post in this blog about how to change the bases of these minis).

But some times is not easy to find the minis that you want, so today I want to discuss some options that you can use to play Halo tactics.

Models from Anvil industry

Recently I was on Salute 2015 and I was able to see the beutiful miniatures that Anvil Industry is producing for his game Afterlife and for his bits store of Exolords. Here you have the perfect minis to build Marines (similar to those that apeared in Halo 4) and ODST, with several options of weapons.

Unity Council Marine Corps 

As you can see the Unity Council Marine Corps are perfect for UNSC marines. For £19.50 you get 10 marines, including a sergeant, a medic and a Coms specialist. These is a good option to make great marines.

Link:  http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/AFTERLIFE/Unity-Council-Marine-Corps

Republic grenadiers
Again the Republic grenadiers from Anvil are perfect for ODST. For £19.50 you get 10 grenadiers, including a sergeant and a medic.

Link:  http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/AFTERLIFE/Republic/Republic-Grenadiers

Black ops Exolords
For Spartans you could use the range of the Exolords to mold your own version of the Halo spartans. I think Halo Actionclix spartans still easy to get on Ebay but here is an interesting option for you modeling skills.

Link:  http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/Exo-Lords/Black-Ops

Mini gun

I was lucky to get the model of Jorge with his beatiful  M247H Heavy Machine Gun
(basicly a torret), whorever I want to have a red and blue spartan with a  M247H Heavy Machine Gun weapon (that is the reason of the Card on the profiles, so I need to made my own version. For those that want a marine with a  M247H Heavy Machine Gun
I think that the Mini gun from Anvil Industry can be a good option, with a good price (£2) you can get a spartan and replace the weapon with this parts.

Link:  http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/The-Armoury/Heavy-Weapons/Minigun

The Prototype

I loved halo legends, specially the bad ass armor featured in the segment "the prototype", that armor with the technical name HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I Prototype Armor Defense System was incredible. I want to make the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark I part of my army. I find that Unity Council Ajax Exo-Mechs from Anvil are almost perfect for this, and in a future I will made the stats for those.

Link:  http://www.anvilindustry.co.uk/AFTERLIFE/Ajax-Exo-Mechs
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